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Marijn Kuijper –


Picturing a future

What if your family pictures your future in a way that doesn’t match your own view? Do you comply with theirs, or do you choose to shape your own future?


This is the story of Omar, born and raised in Damascus, Syria. From a young age he knew he was gay. He realized that he could never live up to the expectations of his family. When the war came, he chose to shape his own future, which was only possible by, leaving his loved ones behind. In 2015 he travelled to Turkey, Greece and eventually The Netherlands.


Omar is still in touch with his family in Syria. But during his journey to Europe, new family ties were established. He stayed with a couple in Turkey who treated him like their son. In The Netherlands he found a new family with Lianda and her parents.

What exactly constitutes a family?  Bloodlines, or something else entirely?

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