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Migrants and their families face many changes when moving from their origin country to the country of settlement. Yet little is known about the consequences of international migration for migrants and their families’ life courses. The FaMiLife project aims to contribute to our understanding of the role of international migration on the lives of migrants and their families. The following three topics will be addressed:


1. To investigate the population dynamics of first and second generation immigrants in Europe

2. To examine the effect of migration on intergenerational solidarity and family ties

3. To study the effect of migration on the individual life course, comparing migrants’ life course trajectories with non-migrants at origin


These topics are investigated by an international team of researchers. The core team of researchers, based at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), consists of 1 principal investigator, 3 post-doctoral researchers and 2 phd's. The team is strenthened by several affiliated researchers based at various international research institutes.   


Innovative and original methods of analyses are used to study the three topics. For this, recent and new international data sources are combined and integrated, such as: 


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