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Between 2011 and 2016, the FaMiLife researchers investigated the role of international migration on the lives of migrants and their families, both in origin and destination countries. In addition to numerous scientific and non-scientific publications and presentations, the FaMiLife-project wishes to further communicate their results to a wider audience


We therefore invited various artists to provide us with their artistic expressions and interpretations of our research to ensure a wide dissemination of the results of this project.


Clicking on the button "Animations" will bring you to three short movies, one for each sub-theme of the FaMiLife-project, created by three different artists (Bordenstift, Marc de Leeuw, and Olle Zwemmer). 


Clicking on the button "Art exhibition" will bring you to the works, inspired by the FaMiLife-project, of four third and fourth year students from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague)  (Jesse Budel, Marijn Kuijper, Medina Resic, and Sonja de Bruin), which (amongst others) will be presented at an exhibition in The Hague (May 23-June 3) and Groningen (June 7-June 19) .




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